Help with IRS Tax Problems

woman-advisor-with-couple.jpgTrying to find a solution to tax problems on your own can be complicated and frustrating. Liz Daniel, CPA can save you the time and aggravation of acting alone. We're dedicated to finding solutions for tough tax problems and will get the IRS off your back.

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Filing Back Taxes

Mishandled paperwork, missing forms, or financial hardship can all lead to a failure to file taxes. We'll work through whatever issue prevented the completion of your filings and get you back on the right track. We have extensive experience in tax preparation and can work with the IRS to minimize any penalties you face.

Stop IRS Tax Liens and Levies

The IRS can file a Federal Tax Lien against your assets in an attempt to collect back taxes. A lien is a matter of public record and will appear on credit reports until you get the lien released by finding a way to pay. The IRS can also has the power to institute a levy and confiscate some of your property. These are serious matters but can be resolved by a qualified tax accountant and West Palm Beach CPA firm like Liz Daniel, CPA.

End Wage Garnishment

After the Notice of Intent to Levy, the IRS can also utilize a wage garnishment. This means they can take a significant portion of the paycheck and they don’t need a court order to do so. With the help of a tax professional like Liz Daniel, CPA, you can end wage garnishment and put a reasonable payment plan in place so you can pay off your debt.

IRS Audit Assistance

Being audited by the IRS can be a very stressful experience. Even if you have been diligent and honest in your tax filings, the IRS may uncover unexpected issues. We can minimize the stress in these situations by walking you through the process, answering questions and resolving any problems quickly and fairly.

Tax Settlement options

An offer in compromise is an agreement enabling a business or individual to settle a tax debt for less than the full amount owed. If you qualify, we will work with the IRS to negotiate an agreement for the lowest possible settlement.

An installment agreement enables someone who can't afford a large lump sum to pay off a tax debt in smaller increments. We can help you negotiate a plan that will meet your budget.

Currently-not-collectible status means that the IRS has removed your account from active collection efforts. We can help determine whether you meet the qualifications for this status.

Penalty and interest amounts for back taxes are often negotiable. Our experienced tax professionals will do everything possible to reduce your obligation.